Note: DC insertion posts available to power LNB’s, line amps, etc. Specifications may vary by converter model and frequency. MFC’s are analyzer specific and NOT Interchangeable Options: Custom frequencies available to 14.5 GHz LNB power and 22 KHz signal available in custom converters Use All Your Analyzers Features! The MFC Series Converters consist of a mixer and oscillator, tuned to downconvert incoming signals so that they fall within your spectrum analyzer range between 0 and 1 GHz. Being straight downconverted signals, you can work with all the resolution and features inherent in your existing spectrum analyzer. In addition the AVCOM analyzer will recognize the extender in use and display the offset frequency. Wide Range Of Frequencies Available! Whether your application is at 1 GHz or all the way up to 8.5 GHz, a standard MFC has you covered. Dual configurations are also available to give you dual ranges in one unit. Custom order units are available up to 18 GHz! DC Power Options The MFC Converter operates on 12VDC and may be powered by a separate power supply or coaxially if your analyzer has DC insertion capabilities. DC insertion posts are available to power LNB’s, line amps, and other line powered devices in line.