Extended Information

Remote Monitoring The RSA-2150B is the perfect tool for off-site monitoring of your RF carrier from anywhere in the world over the Internet or Satellite. You can now save money and personnel costs by having your carrier at your fingertips and not be at the mercy of the satellite operator. Using the Avcom custom GUI […]

Additional Product Specs

Technical Specifications Frequency Coverage: 950 – 2150 MHz Span Width: 0 – 1300 MHz Resolution Bandwidth: 10KHz, 100KHz, 300KHz, 1MHz RF Sensitivity: Greater than – 85 dBm Typical Reference Levels: Selectable – 10 dBm to – 50 dBm in 1 or 5 dB steps Scale: 5 dB/Div & 2 dB/Div Dynamic Range: 40 dB on […]


950-2150 MHz L-Band Satellite Dual Resolution Bandwidth User Screen Memories Remote Monitor Via PC using Avcom NCSA software