ClearSat SimulSat 5 dish cover (16’6″ x 28′)

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ClearSat SimulSat 5 dish cover (16’6″ x 28′)

ClearSat satellite dish cover: 15 oz. material unless otherwise stated: Color = Black
ClearSat covers have proven to be about 95% effective at eliminating snow and ice related problems with satellite antennas at a cost of about 10% of a full de-icing system. Assuming a de-icing system is 100% effective, a ClearSat Satellite Dish Cover is about 9.5 times more cost effective than a de-icing system with very little maintenance and no operating costs.


  • Prevents damage to dish panels and mounts
  • Prevents the heat of the sun from focusing on the electronics
  • Helps eliminate buildup of debris and snow which can affect your signal strength
  • Does not diminish signal strength
  • 2 Year 100% warranty
  • 5 Year prorated warranty (Complete details available)
  • Available in black (recommended): Call for other colors
Add the benefits of limiting the amount of heat focused at the feed horn and UV deterioration of fiberglass antennas, protection against hail damage and falling or flying debris, and you will find that a ClearSat Satellite Dish Cover compares very favorably with de-icing. If it saves you just a couple trips per year to clear snow or ice you will find you have made a good investment.

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