Cytonix WX2100 Hydrophobic Coating


Cytonix WX2100 Hydrophobic Coating

WX2100 is superhydrophobic coating commonly used on marine and ground-based microwave antenna, 5G antenna, radomes and other telecommunications gear. WX2100 provides over 150 degree water contact angle performance in extreme sun and rain for up to five years. Under heavy rain conditions, Ka band ground stations using WX2100 report rain attenuation (rain fade) losses of only 0.2 dB compared to 10 dB losses for uncoated systems (Hughes Network Systems). Side by side tests between coated and uncoated DirecTV antennas demonstrate 15-20% margins in signal strength during heavy rain, i.e., when signal from uncoated dish drops out at 45%, the coated dish maintains operation at 60-65%. WX2100 also reduces snow and ice accumulation under most conditions. The color of WX2100 when applied is frosty white. Please contact Cytonix for bulk orders. WX2100 is a single-part, air-cured coating. The coating is rain resistant after 2-6 hours, substantially cured in 24 hours and is fully cured in 5 to 10 days. Surface temperatures should be between 32 and 95 °F. One can covers 10 – 15 square feet.

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Description: Hydrophobic Coating for antennas and radomes
Size: 11 oz. Aerosol Can
Active ingredient:  FluoroThane MW
Application: Spray
Drying time: 2 hours
Water contact angle: over 150°
Color: Frosty white
Flammable: Yes
Dispenser Type: Spray Can
Proper Shipping Name: FluoroThane WX2100 Super Hydrophobic Coating
HAZMAT UN Number: UN1950
HAZMAT Class: Class 2
Division 2.1: Flammable Gas
Product: Superhydrophobic rain repellent coating
Mfg. Warranty: 1 Year

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