DH Satellite 4.2M (14′) Horizon to Horizon Polar Mount Series

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DH Satellite 4.2M (14′) Horizon to Horizon Polar Mount Series

Heavy duty bronze bushings at pivot points allow smooth operation for repeatability and extended life performance. This antenna can be equipped with locking bar to set on one satellite. Using a 36″ actuator, it can track up to 110 degrees of the arc.


  • 160° of Travel
  • Travel Time of 4 Min. 37 Sec. to Cover the 160° Arc
  • Infinite Adjustments for Elevation for Precise Aiming
  • Heavy Bronze Bushings for Extended Life Performance
  • Four Strut Feed Assembly with Feed Collar
  • 36 Volt DC Motor for Accuracy
  • Heavy Duty Gearbox w/Chain Drive
  • Eight Back Braces for Stability
C Band Measured Gain @ 4 Ghz: 44.3 db Area: 201 sq. ft. Material: 3003 F/D Ratio: .3 Wind Force @ 60° @ 90 MPH: 7800 # KU Measured gain @ 12 Ghz.: 54.2 db Antenna Noise at >>45° look angle = 20°/K Beamwidth (3.0 db) 0.9 degrees (E-plane) 0.95 degrees (H-plane) Beamwidth (10.0 db) 1.7 degrees (E-plane) 1.8 degrees (H-plane) Sidelobe = 1.1 degrees (E-plane) All Sidelobes > -22 db Antenna Gain, 2.0 degrees off axis = 23 db
Additional options offered at Vincor: Motorized Power Declination for Tracking Inclined Orbit Controllers w/Two Speed Motor control for Pinpoint Accuracy, Non-Volatile Memory, Polorotor Interface, and Software Controlled Limits Base Stand or Base Post Hot Dip Galvanizing Non-Penetrating Roof Mount Electronics, Feed Horns, LNBS, Receivers, Controllers, Cabling Half / Full Dish Deicing Turnkey Installation and Foundation Services

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